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Delta Air Lines to Nashville and Memphis

Delta Air Lines to Nashville and Memphis

From roll-up-your-sleeves BBQ mastery to a thriving kick-up-you-heels music scene, Nashville and Memphis strength just be America’s tastiest under-the-radar dance parties.

Often overlooked for Florida, South Carolina, and other bordering states, landlocked Tennessee has mainly remained a drive-thru state for Canadians racing up and below the I-75. A hundred million annually visitors know more useful though, still ranking Tennessee in the best 10 of the common visited U.S. destinations annually. So, what gives? What specifically are Canadians missing? Well, plenty.

But first, getting there.

Delta Air Lines to Nashville and Memphis

If you’re imagining a road trip, perfect for almost 16 (mostly uninspiring) hours from Toronto. But, with airfares as cheap as they are, the fewer than four hours from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, by way of Atlanta flying Delta, is a lot further civilized.

Not only does Delta provide unique connections within their Georgia hub, but their system also covers both Nashville and Memphis, enabling you to land into one and return from the other, for a low price. Even better is the grade option to Delta’s Comfort.

But it isn’t just an affordable flight. Ranked as one of Fast Company’s’Most Innovative Companies Worldwide’,’ Delta Air Lines has become an industry leader in getting customer service right. From in-flight Wi-Fi and cutting-edge monitoring technology making missing luggage a thing of the past to a exceptional on-time performance record making them among the most reliable American carriers, Delta is a joy to fly.

Benefits of Flying Delta Comfort

The flights here may be small but they’re a fabulous way to sample the improved services Delta has on offer when deciding Delta Comfort. Planning a longer trip? Try Delta Comfort on long-haul flights to Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Delta Comfort  passengers take the following upgrades from Economy Class:

  • Spacious Seat: enjoy up to 3 additional inches of legroom on flights over the U.S., as well as 4 extra inches on international routes. Every inch counts!
  • Dedicated Overhead Luggage Space: no longer battling for carry-on baggage space overhead, even when you’re the last on board. The bin above your chair is yours — guaranteed.
  • Priority Boarding: not that you will want it to secure luggage space, but if you would like to be the first to sit in for your flight, enjoy Delta’s Sky Priority dressing table.
  • Complimentary Bar Service & Upgraded Snacks: begin your excursion with an alcoholic beverage of your choice, it is on the house in Comfort+®!

Now that you have settled in, unwind with Delta’s entire library of classic and new films, HBO, SHOWTIME, songs, and games, all available on your seat-back screen, or flow it all to your device. Delta’s onboard entertainment is offered at no cost throughout the aircraft.

As a founding member of the international airline alliance, SkyTeam, the stage could be collected through Delta’s frequent flyer loyalty program, SkyMiles® also redeemed through all 19 SkyTeam partners, such as Air France, KLM, and others.

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