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Delta Airlines Starts Providing Quarantine-Free travel between U.S. and Italy

Delta Airlines has moved ahead to ensure that international travel is free of quarantine. The first step has been taken by Delta Airlines recently announced that it will be conducting the COVID-19 testing for its flight routes between Atlanta as well as Rome.

The airline has sought help from the Mayo Clinic to develop a rigorous COVID-19 test regime that is being helped by the Italian government as well as State government officials of Georgia. This is an enormous benefit to travelers who make delta air tickets booking

 because they will be in a position to board flights to journeys from Atlanta as well as Rome without the need for quarantine.

Steve Sear, Delta President – International and Executive Vice President of Global Sales, in a press release said “Carefully created COVID-19 testing procedures are the most effective way of returning to international travel in a safe and secure manner without restriction until vaccinations are generally in place.”

The passengers who travel between Atlanta and Rome will be forced to take four tests throughout each journey according to the updated free of quarantine Delta Airlines program. These tests include:

  • The COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is conducted up to 72 hours prior to departure
  • A test that is quick and easy to administer on the runway in Atlanta prior to the flight
  • A quick test upon arrival in Rome-Fiumicino
  • A quick test in Rome-Fiumicino prior to departure for the United States

In addition to these latest steps, Delta Airlines is making the best efforts to ensure that all passengers who board Delta Airlines flights between Atlanta and Rome in order to eliminate the requirement of quarantining on arrival with the effective use of masks and social distancing. It also includes deep cleaning and other safety procedures. Delta Airlines’ move Delta Airlines is aimed at eliminating some of the obstacles in a significant manner that has prevented travelers from taking international flights.

The latest move made from Delta Airlines has come as an opportunity to boost the hopes of passengers that COVID-free air corridors will be opened in the future too and the United States and other countries in order that travel to destinations around the world is back in the air and passengers don’t waste their precious vacation time in self-isolation or quarantine.

International air travel is a major issue because of the COVID-19 virus. This has caused airlines all over the globe anxious and nervous. The primary concern for airlines isn’t just to increase revenue but also to ensure that passengers can fly again at a secure and safe level in the midst of the pandemic.

The pilot programs for testing COVID-19 have been announced by a number of airlines, hoping that travel without quarantine is now possible between certain destinations. Major airlines like United Airlines, American Airlines, and British Airways have announced the beginning of pre-flight tests for travel between the USA and the UK. The announcement from these companies is intended to show and reassure the public that travel corridors without COVID could be a reality if they are effective enough.

Should these pilot programs turn out a success, the airlines hope that all governments in the globe will be encouraged to make regular COVID-19 testing for travelers mandatory to allow travel without quarantine which will allow more people to travel to international destinations.

Innovative solutions and solutions to workarounds are being designed by airlines to ensure that international travel can be made safer for passengers. Testing programs for COVID-19 are strict and have been gaining prominence as a crucial element of the new travel.

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