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The CheapAir 2021 Annual Airfare Study: Domestic Flights

It is very different from the travel landscape of 2021 a year ago. We have experienced a great global trauma but people are excited to fly again. will help you make the purchase of airline tickets as easy and painless as possible. We have simplified a complicated topic and made it easy to understand. It doesn’t mean you have to be confused by confusing pricing structures or what is included with your ticket. Or which bags are free. CheapAir gives clear insight into when is the best time to purchase an airline ticket.

First up – domestic flights!

We’ve analyzed more than 917,000,000 domestic airfares in 8,000 US markets this year. * What is our mission? We provide insight and advice to help you make informed decisions when purchasing flights.

The study includes:

– On average, the best day to purchase a flight;- The “CheapAir Prime Booking Window” breakdown – the range when you are most likely to secure a deal.
Which booking zone is best for you?
Based on the price, which days of the week are best to fly?
– The best and most expensive months to buy;
– How seasonality influences airfare prices

We found that 64 days before your travel date is the best day to purchase airfare based on data from the past 12 months. This is an average finding. It means that the lowest price for your specific itinerary might not be on the 64th day.

Good news! There is a range between the publication date (around 11 months ahead) and the last minute, which will provide you with specific benefits as well as risks. These dates are called booking zones.

Days of the Week Data

Although this may not be the case, did you know that price has little or no impact on when you purchase your tickets? The average low fare is only $1 regardless of what day it is.

However, you should be careful about when you fly. Midweek flights (Tuesday or Wednesday) are almost always the most affordable and offer more choices than weekends. Weekends can be more expensive and have fewer options. On average, you will pay $82 more to fly Sunday than Tuesday or Wednesday. Although it might seem small for one ticket, it can save you almost $330 if you are shopping for 4 people.

Best (and Worst) Months to Buy

There are more differences between months in some years than others. The difference between the most and least expensive months is only $100 this year. This is good news for tourists.

March is the most expensive month to fly this year. However, other than that (which is likely due to a combination of spring break and COVID-19), summer travel and holiday travel in November/December will be the most expensive. If you leave November behind, the fall months offer great value. Winter is also great (if December isn’t). Summer Summer is a wildcard this year with travel projections showing tremendous value.

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