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Top 5 reasons to fly Delta airlines

Top 5 reasons to fly Delta airlines

We’ve spent many hours in our soapbox, ranting over Delta SkyMiles, most of it justified. Consider, for example, Delta barring AwardWallet members from accessing their account data online ( workaround) and the absence of transparency for SkyMiles members, as well as the regular price hikes that aren’t announced. These are actions that are difficult to accept without making a fuss about Delta out.

To begin, SkyMiles offers a full assortment of Amex co-branded credit cards that range from a basic no-annual cost card to premium reward cards that provide the use of lounges as well as other advantages. And Delta’s in-flight products and services are currently ahead of its older carrier partners. Sure, Delta has ripped off a significant amount of value out in its SkyMiles program. However, with the other carriers that have been around for a while getting ahead and gaining ground, we decided it was time to review how Delta remains a high value to frequent passengers.

A large stack of Delta credit cards and top transfer partners

Delta is ranked first among the traditional carriers in terms of the number of co-brand credit cards that are able to earn SkyMiles. Starting with the basic Delta SkyMiles (r) Blue American Express Card One of the very few annual cost airline co-brand cards ( Rates & Fees) up to Delta seat reservations Reserve business and personal cards.

Delta Co-branded Credit Card provides:

  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Blue American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Reserve American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Reserve Business American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Gold American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Platinum American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Gold Business American Express Card
  • Delta SkyMiles (r) Platinum Business American Express Card

Best Business Class Service across the Atlantic

The three oldest legacy airlines, Delta has the best award-based availability, flying business class to Europe. The cost could have increased to 70K one-way in business, but costs and taxes are low at $5.60 over the Atlantic going east. the search for six months offers business-quality availability for 50% of days of a search lasting five weeks.

In the opposite direction, Delta also has stellar award options that cross the Pacific in one of SkyMiles the best redemption options: business class flights from the Continental U.S. to Asia for just 80K one way. There’s even an opportunity to experience the brand new A350 Delta Suites.

Delta SkyMiles Don’t Expire

The frequent-flyer programs come with different rules regarding the expiration of mileage. Miles earned through American AAdvantage as well as United MileagePlus will expire after 18 months without account activity. Lufthansa miles are valid for 36 months after the date they were issued. Delta SkyMiles, on the contrary, don’t expire as long as your account remains active and in good condition. We don’t recommend storing points in your accounts over a long period of time, like the occasional flyer who doesn’t have the best of rewards programs, they don’t be lost miles because of inactivity (or paying attention)

Pro Tip: Never let miles expire again. Register for an AwardWallet account and we’ll monitor the expiry date for your miles and notify you when miles are due to expire.

Awards Flights for as Little As 5,000 miles

Short-haul domestic flights are offered at as little as five thousand miles for each trip on Delta. It is possible to fly from Atlanta to Washington at a cost of just 5K and the return of your miles isn’t too bad with a rate of around 1.7C per mile.

The Best Service and Product in-Flight from the Top Three U.S. Carriers

Delta isn’t always the most accommodating to the frequent flyer community However, they strive to keep an advantage over domestic competitors. The recent introduction of larger overhead bins, better seating, a revamped menu onboard, and the brand new International business class Delta One Suites all suggest Delta paying more attention to the aircraft they fly rather instead to the benefits we receive when we fly it.

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